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It’s testing time for juniors at area high schools, and those on Shelby-Ontario Road are no exception.

It’s a step toward the future for those Ontario High School juniors considering college. The school has announced that all juniors, including those enrolled in online and College Credit Plus (CCP) programs, will participate in the ACT testing at no cost. This move not only underscores the institution’s commitment to student success but also levels the playing field for all juniors, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to showcase their academic prowess to potential colleges and universities.

The journey to ACT day begins on Wednesday, March 6, with a mandatory pre-test session designed to acclimatize students to the testing environment and process. This session is crucial for easing student anxiety and ensuring that they are well-prepared for the actual test day. Ontario High School students are to report to their first period for attendance before heading to the commons area, while Pioneer and CCP juniors should arrive directly at the commons before 8:00 AM. The session is expected to conclude by approximately 9:15 AM, after which students will return to their classes. Pioneer students have the added convenience of a bus service for transportation to and from the school.

The main event, the ACT test, is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12. Students are to follow the same protocol as the pre-test day, gathering in the commons area early in the morning. Transportation to the Richland County Fairgrounds, the test venue, will depart at 8:15 AM, with buses scheduled to return students to Ontario High School by around 12:45 PM. In a gesture of community and support, the OHS Student Council will provide pizza in the commons, after which juniors will be released for the remainder of the day. Those requiring bus transportation home must stay in the commons until the end of the school day.

To maintain the integrity of the testing environment, students are reminded that smart devices, including phones, smartwatches, and fitness bands, are strictly prohibited during both the pre-test and the ACT test. This policy ensures that every student has a fair and distraction-free testing experience. For additional information or clarifications, students and parents are encouraged to contact the high school office directly.

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