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Last week, the Madison Local School District Board of Education convened in a session filled with acknowledgments, presentations, and strategic planning held at the Madison Middle School Auditeria.

The evening began with a tribute to Carrie Hughes, recognizing her 44 years of educational service, including 27 years at Madison South, teaching second grade. Her retirement marks the end of an era of passionate teaching and coaching in both California and Ohio, highlighting her versatility from teaching various grades to coaching sports.

Nikki Cox, Principal of Madison South Elementary, provided insights into the school’s progress and initiatives, underscoring the leadership’s commitment to academic achievement. The meeting was also a platform for acknowledging generous donations, including a notable contribution from the James and Miriam Runyon estate, aimed at enriching the Madison baseball program. The board accepted donations of scrap steel from The Gorman-Rupp Company and the Marion Correctional Institution, benefiting welding technology programs, and financial gifts towards educational activities, demonstrating the community’s robust support for the district’s endeavors.

A highlight was the acceptance of a donation amounting to $126,699.71 from the estate of James and Miriam Runyon, earmarked for the Madison baseball program. James Runyon, a former coach, left behind a legacy that promises to foster the dreams of young athletes for years to come. This gesture was complemented by the acceptance of significant donations of scrap steel from The Gorman-Rupp Company and the Marion Correctional Institution, valued at $4,000 and $3,500 respectively. These contributions are set to bolster the Career Tech and Adult Career Center’s welding technology programs, showcasing a community’s commitment to practical education.

Financial stewardship was evident with the board’s approval of the February 2024 Financial Report, alongside the sanctioning of appropriation modifications for FY25. This fiscal responsibility ensures the district remains on a solid foundation to support its educational mission. Personnel moves included retirements, resignations, and new hires across various roles, from special education aides to substitute teachers, reflecting the district’s dynamic response to evolving needs.

The board took significant strides in enhancing early education by approving the 2024-’25 preschool calendar, handbooks, and a notable tuition rate increase for the Madison Early Childhood Learning Center. These decisions are in line with the district’s objective to provide quality early learning experiences.

A slew of agreements and contracts were approved, including a two-year contract with EJ Therapy for therapy services and an interagency agreement fostering collaboration with Head Start programs. These partnerships are pivotal in creating a cohesive educational ecosystem that supports students from various backgrounds.

Strategic decisions aimed at optimizing resources and aligning with the district’s vision were evident. The approval of a Reduction in Force due to enrollment adjustments showcases the district’s commitment to maintaining a balance between resources and needs. Additionally, the sanction of capital equipment purchases through grant funds for the Precision Machining program underscores a commitment to enhancing vocational education.

The board also green-lit overnight trips for student competitions, fostering an environment that encourages extra-curricular excellence and provides students with platforms to shine beyond the classroom.

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