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Vans Across America Coming To Mansfield

30 May , 2017  

From June 21 through June 25, don’t be surprised if you see a few more vans on the road on your way to work or weekend activities.

During that time, the Richland County Fairgrounds will host “Vans Across America,” described as a “five day nonstop van boogie” presented by 2% Vanners Unlimited. It is billed as the first event in the “Triple Crown of Vanning.”

Included in the entry fee are campsites with water and electric; a championship van show; “live rock n’ roll” every day; contests and tournaments; food and potlucks; volleyball and putt-putt golf; and more.

According to the event website, “Vanning” has been going on since the 70’s.  In the heyday, thousands of vans would converge on a location with one main mission: Have a great time together.  It’s always been as much about the people as it is the vans themselves.  Nowadays, There are still “truck-ins” (van runs) like VAA that happen all over the country during most of the year.  Many of the the 2% Unlimited organizers of VAA have been vanning since the 70’s. “

Readers on Instagram can find ongoing information about the event using the hashtags #InstaVanner, #VansAcrossAmerica, and #Vannin.

The Pre-Registration deadline is June 1, and the form can be found at this location online.


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