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Top Ten Stories For 2018: The Top Three

31 Dec , 2018  

Over the last few days, 1812Blockhouse has been reviewing the top ten most read stories on our site during the past year as we look back at 2018.

While the most-read stories on our site may not correspond to a “most important news” list, it does show what topics are readers found to be interesting.

We’ve reviewed numbers four through ten, and now it’s time for the top three most read stories of the year. First, a drumroll, then the posts:

Number Three: Mansfield Police Issue Notice Concerning Local School Shooting

It’s been a topic of intense discussion across the country over the last few years, and the relationship between public schools and firearms took center stage this February after Mansfield Police issued a statement concerning a social media post and follow-up investigation.

Number Two: Richland Mall Sears Being Auctioned Online

Interestingly, the fate of the Richland Mall Sears location was the topic of a post yesterday on 1812Blockhouse, which in turn referenced this second most read story of 1812.

And now for Number One:

A Murder In Mansfield Airs Nationally This Saturday was posted by 1812Blockhouse on November 12. It shared the date and time for the Investigation Discovery Channel presentation of the documentary focusing on the 1989 local murder of Noreen Boyle. Removing all indexing and search hits to the post, it was read almost 30,000 times.

Who knows what 2019 will bring?


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