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How well do you know your own back yard? You are encouraged to try your hand at answering these questions without the use of Google, your Amazon Echo, etc.. We’ll publish the answers tomorrow.

If you feel like sharing with us how you did, let us know at: [email protected], or via direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are fourteen questions about the county in which you live, work, and/or visit that relate to geography (including a bonus question). Some are easy; others, not so much.

  1. How many townships does Richland County have?
  2. Of those townships, how many share names with surnames of Presidents of the United States?
  3. How many incorporated cities (not villages) lie wholly or partly within Richland County?
  4. How many counties in Ohio have a point with higher elevation than the highest point in Richland County?
  5. Where is that highest point in Richland County?
  6. Which of these represents the total land area in Richland County?
    1. 363 square miles
    2. 498 square miles
    3. 601 square miles
  7. The original shape of Richland County included portions of how many current Ohio counties?
  8. How many river systems are represented in Richland County? What are they?
  9. How far is it from any border of Richland County to the birthplace of a United States President?
    1. 20 to 50 miles
    2. 10 to 20 miles
    3. 5 to 10 miles
    4. 1 to 5 miles
    5. Less than 1 mile
  10. If you could completely empty Charles Mill Lake, how many Clearfork Reservoirs could be poured into it?
  11. What is 3,073 miles long and can be found partially in Richland County?
  12. Which two state capital cities are within 10 miles of being exactly the same distance from Mansfield? Which third capital city is less than 20 miles further?
  13. If you were to draw an east-west line across the United States that passes through Mansfield, two which state capital cities would it pass through?
  14. Which of the following is how Mansfield described in the 1890s by a sports writer?

a. ” A spit of a place, nothing more than quicksand in the middle of terrain devoid of civilization.”

b. “Much better than expected. Its streets are covered in filth, but at least there was no lingering smell. Nothing to suggest that it could produce a decent squad, other than the money that is undoubtedly spent luring farm boys off the farm.”

c. “The deadest of dead towns, strewed with stinking corpses, where never a breath of fresh air stirs, and the green scum of creation is inches deep around the roots of the moss that grows on the backs of its inhabitants.”

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