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Richard County Schools Report A Doubling In COVID Infections

10 Sep , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

As the 2021-2022 school year progresses, it is clear that the precipitous rise in COVID infections in non-school settings is also taking place in Richland County’s educational facilities.

Numbers released by the Ohio Department of Health on Thursday show that the number of reported infections in the county’s school districts and buildings almost doubled in the last seven days. Last week’s numbered was more than twice that of the week before.

Last Thursday, in the second set of full results after the launch of school, there were a total of 141 reported cases during the previous week. These included 112 new student infections and 29 staff. These were found in 12 different school districts and buildings.

This Thursday, September 8, that number of affected districts and buildings had grown to 13, and the total number of new infections stood at 279, almost double from the previous period. This amount represents 248 students and 31 staff members.

Crestview — 37 students, 5 staff

Cypress High School — 2 students, 1 staff

Foundation Academy — 2 students, 1 staff

GOAL Digital Academy — 2 students, 2 staff

Madison — 42 students, 9 staff

Mansfield Christian — 4 students, 1 staff

Mansfield City — 32 students, 5 staff

Ontario — 72 students, 5 staff

Pioneer — 19 students

Shelby — 31 students, 2 staff

St. Mary — 1 student

St. Peter — 1 student

Richland School of Academic Arts — 3 students

These statistics are shared each Thursday by the Ohio Department of Health.

As local parents know, more than one Richland County school district has announced a temporary return to at-home instruction.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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