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During Tuesday night’s meeting of Mansfield City Council, Mayor Jodie Perry shared several important updates and issued two significant proclamations, emphasizing the community’s ongoing projects and initiatives.

National Public Works Week Proclamation

Mayor Perry began by highlighting National Public Works Week, a time dedicated to celebrating the essential role of public works professionals. This year’s theme, “Advancing Quality of Life for All,” underscores the contributions of these workers to public health, safety, and overall well-being. Mayor Perry expressed her gratitude for the city’s public works team, which includes professionals from the water department, treatment plants, and engineering. She encouraged the community to recognize and appreciate their hard work.

“Public Works Professionals focus on infrastructure, facilities, and services that are vital to sustainable and resilient communities,” the Mayor stated. She emphasized that the city’s infrastructure and essential services, from water supply to waste management, are maintained by these dedicated workers. The proclamation aims to raise awareness and appreciation for their efforts.

Safe Boating Week and Additional Proclamations

In addition to National Public Works Week, Mayor Perry mentioned Safe Boating Week, promoting safe boating practices among residents. A proclamation was issued earlier in the day to raise awareness about boating safety. The Mayor added that she would address another proclamation during the council meeting, reinforcing the city’s commitment to public safety and community well-being.

Leadership Development Training

Mayor Perry shared that city department heads recently participated in an eight-hour leadership development training course at North Central State College. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance the city’s training programs and improve communication and participation among city leaders. The training fostered robust discussions and strategic planning to better serve the community.

Adena Development Corporation’s New Spec Building

Mayor Perry provided an update on the Adena Development Corporation’s plans to start a new spec building at Airport West. This project is significant for Mansfield’s future growth, following the successful filling of the first building by Hedstrom, which brought 30 to 40 jobs to the area. Optimism was expressed about the impact of this development on the local economy.

Brand Video and Community Optimism

Mayor Perry encouraged council members and residents to watch and share the newly unveiled brand video. Created in partnership with the city, county commissioners, the chamber, and Destination Mansfield, the video showcases the positive developments and growing optimism in the community. Mayor Perry emphasized the importance of highlighting the good things happening in Mansfield and fostering a sense of pride and optimism among residents.

Finance Department Updates

Finance Director Blankenship provided updates on the ongoing recruitment for the treasury manager and audit manager positions. Despite a shallow applicant pool, promising candidates have been identified. The finance department is also preparing for interviews for two finance clerk positions and aims to be fully staffed by the end of June. The director emphasized the importance of building a strong department to support the city’s financial decisions and provide accurate information to the council.

Public Works Activities

Public Works Director Andres reported on various activities in celebration of Public Works Week. The department has been busy with paving, sidewalk installations, and infrastructure improvements in the parks. The utilities appeals board, which meets monthly, allows residents to appeal fees on their water and sewer bills. The director highlighted the department’s efforts to improve the quality of life for Mansfield residents through these initiatives.

Fire and Police Department Updates

Fire Chief Porch informed the council about the annual hose testing, a critical process to ensure the safety and functionality of the fire department’s equipment. The chief highlighted the extensive work involved in testing the department’s 15,000 feet of hose.

Chief Porch also mentioned the ongoing EMS Week, recognizing the essential work of EMS professionals who handle the majority of the fire department’s workload. The fire division responds to nearly 12,000 calls for service annually, demonstrating their crucial role in the community.

For the police department, Chief Porch reported on the application process for new recruits, with 35 candidates scheduled to take the entrance exam. The department recently completed the weight room project and began installing new locker rooms, thanks to the efforts of the maintenance team. The radio room also saw improvements with the hiring of two new supervisors, enhancing supervision and efficiency.

Business as Usual

Various directors, including Law Director Harper, reported that operations were running smoothly and expressed gratitude for their dedicated staff. The focus remains on maintaining efficient and effective services for the residents of Mansfield.

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