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Mansfield City Council will hold a series of committee and plenary meetings on Wednesday, November 8. The schedule of meetings is as follows:

  • 6:05 Parks Committee
  • 6:10 Claims Committee
  • 6:15 Finance Committee
  • 6:45 Public Hearing Rezone
  • 7:00 Caucus & City Council to follow

The session is set to commence with a focus on Bill 23-157, a piece of legislation that could reshape the city’s zoning landscape. This bill proposes a change in the zoning districts map of Mansfield, potentially transitioning parts of South Diamond Street to foster new business and multifamily residential development.

Other matters under consideration include:

  • Bill 23-156, which involves the authorization of payment to resolve a claim by local resident Ahmed F. Kent.
  • Bill 23-173 aiming to allocate funds for the repair of the North Lake Park stone entrance.
  • Bill 23-172, which seeks to transfer funds within the General Fund to manage landfill tip fees.
  • Bill 23-175, which proposes the acquisition of essential equipment for the Sewer Repair Department.
  • Bill 23-176, which would authorize the Public Works Director to contract for custodial services across municipal buildings.
  • Bills 23-177 and 23-178 would update the codified ordinances. These updates are necessary to keep the city’s governance in line with current standards and practices.
  • Zoning policies are further explored in Bill 23-179, which discusses the conditional approval of animal “Sloughs” in industrial district.
  • Several ordinances granting approval of structures within the corporate limits of Mansfield
  • Lastly, the council will address the city’s financial groundwork with Bill 23-180, setting temporary appropriations for the upcoming fiscal year. This ordinance is a critical component of the city’s financial health and strategic planning.

For those interested in the specifics of each bill and their implications for the Mansfield community, the full legislative agenda and related documents are available here. Residents are encouraged to stay informed and participate in the civic process, ensuring that their voices are heard in the shaping of Mansfield’s future.

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