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Ontario is taking an important step. Local government and community officials have embarked on the journey of crafting its inaugural Comprehensive Plan. This plan aspires to map out the city’s trajectory over the coming years, ensuring that the growth remains sustainable, inclusive, and benefits all its residents.

Embracing Past Achievements and Looking Ahead

The City of Ontario stands proud of its accomplishments. However, it’s not one to rest on its laurels. The Comprehensive Plan is the next logical step to ensure Ontario continues on its prosperous path. Key aspects like economic development, enriching neighborhoods, expanding parks and recreational facilities, augmenting pedestrian connectivity, upgrading infrastructure, and enhancing community services will be focal points in this endeavor.

Your Voice Is Needed

The inaugural phase of this comprehensive planning process starts with you – the heart and soul of Ontario. An online survey has been launched to procure feedback, opinions, and suggestions. It’s a concise survey, designed to capture the essence of what the residents envision for their city’s future.

For those who prefer traditional means or might not have online access, printed survey copies are available for pickup at the Ontario City Hall located at 555 Stumbo Road, Ontario, Ohio 44906.

Click here to access the online survey and share your vision.

Key Areas of Focus

Community Services and Facilities: Understanding the needs concerning schools, libraries, and more.

Housing and Neighborhoods: Ensuring every resident has a place to call home.

Economic Development: Prioritizing growth and rejuvenation of the city’s economic landscape.

Land Utilization: Planning for optimal land use and effective zoning strategies.

Infrastructure: Ensuring that utilities like water, sewerage, etc., are robust and future-proof.

Green Spaces: Expanding parks, recreational areas, and maintaining open spaces.

Transportation: Improving street networks, parking facilities, and boosting pedestrian mobility.

Plan Execution: It’s not just about planning but also efficient execution and accountability.


For any queries or information on how to be a more active participant in this planning process, feel free to reach out to:

Kris Knapp
Services Director, City of Ontario
555 Stumbo Road, Ontario, Ohio 44906
Phone: (419) 529-2495
Email: [email protected]

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