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Getting Down To Details

24 Sep , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

There has long been a saying, “God is in the details” which, while of debatable origin, means that sometimes it’s the smallest elements of design or execution that transform an object into something truly memorable.

That phrase would seem to apply to Kingwood Center Gardens as September winds to a close. October brings the opening of the Garden Gateway, and those working on the interior and exterior of the new facility are hard at work installing those last-minute touches or, because this is Kingwood Center, splashes of color and ornament.

Those changes are reflected in this week’s edition of the Project Blog. Photos shared include views of unique aspects of the nearly-finished building and grounds.

As the blog also notes, staff starts moving into their new offices starting tomorrow.

You can access the latest installment and view those photos below.

Gateway Wednesday – September 23

From big picture shots to a bird’s eye view, the details are spectacular and make a difference… The Perennial Garden continues to take shape with most of the planting completed in the three unique garden styles.

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