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We are taking periodic looks at a variety of things in the Richland County area – some, like today, are geographic locations; other times, they will be organizations, or causes; or even events and happenings. Each time, we will collect details from across the Internet and combine them into a single list.

Today, we look at Clear Fork Reservoir – or should that be Clearfork Reservoir? Even the official reservoir page on the City of Mansfield website has both names listed. The original press coverage had the project as Clear Fork; whatever it’s called, here goes:

  • Location – The reservoir is located in both Richland and Morrow Counties.
  • Size – 997 acres
  • Maximum depth – 25 to 40 feet; upper end is shallow, while the lower end is deeper
  • Water visibility — 1 to 2 feet
  • Average depth – 10 feet
  • Shoreline – 14 miles
  • Spillway elevation – 1202 feet above sea level
  • Capacity – 4.4 billion gallons of water
  • Date of dam construction — 1946-1947; contractor was the Roger J. Au Company
  • Date of reservoir construction – 1949-1950
  • Date opening to fishing — June 16, 1950
  • Mayor during construction — Roy W. Vaughn
  • Initial projected cost of construction — $800,000
  • Actual cost of construction — $2,450,000
  • Reasons given for change in cost — 1) Changes in specifications; 2) Delays in construction and awarding of contracts; 3) inflation
  • Indebtedness paid off — 1972
  • Original pumping capacity – 15,000,000 gallons a day
  • Number of picnic areas – 3
  • Surrounding acreage – 1000 acres
  • Fish varieties – fishing is good for channel catfish, white bass, bluegill; black and white crappie; muskellunge; largemouth bass
  • Fishing locations – anywhere except for within 500 feet of the dam
  • Boat speed limit – 10 mph
  • GPS location — N 40° 42′ 20.61″, W 82° 37′ 46.01″

Sources: City of Mansfield, Wikipedia, Mansfield News Journal; Photo: 1812Blockhouse

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