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COVID-19 State, Local Snapshot: Monday, February 1

2 Feb , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

A sad milestone was reached on Monday. Ohio has now recorded 10,000 deaths related to the coronavirus.

According to the latest figures on Monday from the Ohio Department of Health, the state is reporting 783,158 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, to date — 2,176 more than reported Sunday. That is much lower than the 3,215 cases reported between Sunday and Monday of last week.

The weekly volume of virus testing statewide continues a slump that began in late November. The average percent of positive tests, however, also continues to trend downward and has reached its lowest point since early November.

So far this month, agencies statewide have administered an average 10,921 fewer tests per day than in December. As of Saturday, 1,222,723 coronavirus tests were administered in January in Ohio, an average of about 40,757 per day. A total of 1,602,026 tests were administered in December, an average of about 51,678 per day.

Statewide, 786,249 people with COVID-19 infections are presumed to have recovered from the virus.

Richland Public Health shared the following statistics on Monday (number in parenthesis is the same figure from last week).

  • Confirmed Cases — 7,279 (7,000)
  • Probable Cases — 2,286 (2,195)
  • Total Cases — 9,565 (9,195)
  • Cases With Recoveries — 8,278 (N/A)
  • Hospitalizations — 533 (511)
  • ICU Admissions — NA (79)
  • Deaths — 145 (116)
  • Age Range — 3 weeks to 102 years with a median age of 46

Reposted in part with permission from – original post can be read here. Local information added from Richland Public Health; Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

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