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Richland Mall Losing National Retailer

30 Jul , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Another national chain is closing multiple locations in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. One of those locations shutting its doors is at 663 Richland Mall.

Ascena, the New Jersey-based parent company of chains including Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor, and more, has announced closure of 1,600 of its 2,800 current stores.

The closing impacting the local area is Justice, which used to be called Limited Too. The clothing store is aimed at girls aged 6 to 12. Ascena is said to be transforming Justice to an online-focused brand and closing 600 of its locations.

Each store will be holding a liquidation sale.

This week, the Richland Mall Justice Facebook page has been a busy place, with many customers expressing disappointment at the company’s decision.

This post on Forbes lists all chain retail stores closing so far in 2020 — some 11,691 as of the latest update on July 23.


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