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Introducing The Intel On Intel

21 Feb , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement that Intel is investing $20 billion in constructing two state of the art semiconductor manufacturing facilities in northwestern Licking County, a number of developments began to occur.

On the part of local units of government and planning organizations, work began to prepare for changes in traffic, population growth, and community development patterns not only in the immediate area, but regionally across central Ohio. Initiatives sprung up almost overnight to prepare for the various needs that the operation will require, including the availability of a trained, talented workforce.

Efforts began as far away as Cincinnati to determine how best to woo Intel suppliers, while other regions and state began to consider how they lost out in this edition of the semiconductor sweepstakes.

One thing is certain. Central Ohio will be making some changes in the coming months and years and thousands of individual and corporate decisions will be made about when, how, and in what to invest for maximum return.

We here at 1808Delaware and 1812Blockhouse are pleased to begin a news feed from “The Silicon Heartland,” as it has been named, called “The Intel On Intel.” Each weekend we will be collecting and sharing links from area media looking how local government, schools, other businesses, and Intel itself are building this new future for the area. This feed will be shared each weekend.

Today, we share an initial edition which you can access here. A new link is coming this week to both websites.

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