Welcome to The Hidden Mansfield Holiday Hunt

So, you’re up for a bit of adventure this Christmas? You’re in the right place! Santa needs your help, and in return you’ll be able to visit his Hidden Mansfield Workshop and become eligible for gift card drawings throughout the season. Read about how the Hunt works below, keep scrolling down and the adventure begins!

How the Hunt works, and a few ground rules to share..

First things first

All you need to complete your Hunt is a smartphone capable of sending and receiving messages and photos, a bit of time, and a curious mind. If you get stuck at any point, or have questions to ask, drop us an email at: [email protected] While clues are not geared for very small children, they can certainly participate and join the fun.

Terms and conditions

We have very few terms and conditions, but these are important:

Liability – By participating in The Hidden Mansfield Holiday Hunt, you agree that 1812Blockhouse and anyone associated with it will not be liable to pay you or any other participant for any direct or indirect damages you may occur during a hunt. You agree to communicate this liability waiver to any person you invite to participate. Initiating a hunt signals your acceptance of this waiver. Please note that there are no time limits associated with how long it takes to complete a hunt, so you have every opportunity to use caution in crossing streets, etc.. Please pay attention and be careful at all times!

Use of Images – We may use photographs submitted to us for marketing and promotional material. We will not share any other information obtained with third parties.

Copyright – All information and content in this site, and in information sent to you during your hunt, including clues and hints, is copyright to 1812Blockhouse.

Gift Cards – At the end of a hunt, particpants are asked to provide a name and time their hunt ended, and also receive a password to access Santa’s Hidden Mansfield Workshop. All successful hunters will be entered into weekly gift card drawings. To verfiy identify, the winner will be asked to re-send a photograph taken during the hunt and/or their phone number. You must complete all steps of the hunt to be eligible for the drawing, and only one entry is allowed per phone number.

How to start

This is the easy part! To begin your Hunt, read the introduction below, which reveals where the Hunt begins (in case you do not know where the Vasbinder Fountain is located, click here for our recent story). Once there, simply test the word “rudolph” to this phone number: 567 241 0541. By texting Santa the name of his favorite reindeer, you have signaled that you want your Hunt to begin.

Hints – Everyone can get stumped once and awhile – we totally get that. If you cannot figure out a clue, text a question mark – or, if you get an answer wrong, Santa will send you back a hint that will lead you to the correct response. Once your Hunt is over, you will receive the password to Santa’s Hidden Mansfield Workshop, which can be accessed here.



“How could this happen?” Santa Claus asked his chief elf in a state of some panic. “When I visited Richland County this fall to drop in on my secret workshop, I know that I had all of the presents with me for the people there. I know that I hid them carefully somewhere in downtown Mansfield. What will I do now that I can’t find them? What will I give to the fine people of Mansfield, and Ontario, and Shelby, and Lexington, and Bellville this year?”

The chief elf replied, “OK, Santa. Let’s retrace your steps. Now where exactly did you arrive? Where does the magic door open in that city?”

Santa thought and thought, calmly stroked his beard, and a sudden memory hit him as quickly as an early winter frost. “There was a… a.. fountain. Yes, there was water, and something about the name “Vasbinder.” Yes, that’s it. Is there a Vasbinder Fountain in Mansfield?”

The elf chuckled. “Yes, Santa, there is a fountain by that name, right in the middle of Central Park. I tell you what – since you cannot remember details, let’s ask the fine people of the Mansfield area to help us. I know that many of them have the new kind of phones that can help them solve clues to where the treasure might be located.”

Some rosy color returned to Santa’s cheeks. “If they can follow those clues, I know they will be able to reach the place I left them. We’ll then make certain that presents are delivered after all!”