Mifflin Township Spill Reported

20 Apr , 2017  

According to several sources, some 50,000 gallons of drilling fluids were released into a wetland in Richland County’s Mifflin Township on April 14 related to construction of the $4.2 billion Rover Pipeline. The pipeline is envisioned as moving over 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day along a 713 mile route.

According to a feature story by the Canton Repository (which can be accessed here) that reports that the fluids include a mud containing bentonite, that papers have reported the spill to the Ohio Environemental Protection Agency, and that an Ohio EPA source has said that work has stopped while the spill is cleaned.

The Repository story includes copies of paperwork. Those documents include a Notice of Violation which states that some 30,000 square feet in Miffin Township were impacted.

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