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A Different Kind Of Census: 707 Bald Eagle Nests In Ohio Include 14 In Richland County

23 Apr , 2020  

Sources: ODNR, 1812Blockhouse Staff

Thanks to thousands of reports from citizen scientists during February and March, 706 bald eagle nests have been confirmed in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

1812Blockhouse shared a background story about this census back in January, and shared news of the first bald eagle sighting of 2020. That story can be read here.

The bald eagle is one of Ohio’s greatest wildlife success stories. The nest census was the first undertaking to discover all such sites for the first time in eight years. The results show an increase of 151% from the 2012 census, when 281 nests were recorded in Ohio. The high number of nests represents the hard work and dedication put forth for Ohio’s wildlife. More…

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Next Saturday Brings “What’s Up Duck?”

25 Nov , 2017  

Need something to do next Saturday? If so, come join the folks at the Gorman Nature Center for “What’s Up Duck?”

This is the Gorman’s Annual Waterfowl Watch which takes place at local reservoirs, including ClearFork Reservoir and other nearby bodies of water. More…


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Nature And History: Outstanding Weekends Ahead

23 Apr , 2017  

Your friends in Columbus and Cleveland may well brag about all there is to do and see in the big city. Without a doubt, urban areas do have unique attractions worth visiting.

Neither of these places, however, can claim the variety of natural and historic venues that north central Ohio can. Those attractions, all easy to get to along non-congested roadways, are on view over the next two weekends – and 1812Blockhouse will be taking that ride along with you. More…

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