Going Broadband In Shelby?

8 Jul , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse

Just think — sometime a couple of years from now, a Shelby resident can stream their favorite movie through their own municipality’s broadband network.

As part of its effort to assess the opportunities for high speed interest service for the entire community, the City of Shelby is currently taking steps to determine what citizens think of the idea.

To that end, the City has authorized an online survey to help determine if a municipal broadband utility would work. More…

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Ohio To Welcome Area Code 326; Implementation Plan Announced

11 Aug , 2018  

Ohio is about to get another area code to add to its collection. Area code 326 will be arriving in early 2020.

Although it will not directly impact Richland Countians, those who regularly call southcentral and southwest Ohio may find this information useful. The new code will abut the 419/567 area code region (see map).

To get ready, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio approved a plan on Wednesday to implement the new area code. The 326 area code will overlay the existing 937 area code, which is expected to run out of available phone numbers in 2020. More…


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Richland County Cities May Soon See Sprouting Antennas

11 Dec , 2016  

Updated 12.13.2016

Lame duck sessions of legislative bodies have been known to pass measures that have not been successful during regular sessions. Often, these come in the form of amendments to bills to which they may or may not have any real relationship.

Such an instance occurred this past week, when the Ohio General Assembly passed the so-called “Petland bill (Senate Bill 331),” which regulates where pet stores can purchase puppies for sale. Among amendments to that bill was one which all but eliminates the ability of cities in Ohio to regulate the erection of so-called “microwireless” or “small cell” facilities in public rights-of-way. More…

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