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Parent To Parent Meeting Focuses On Special Needs Parenting

7 Oct , 2020  

Parents of children with special needs, whether they are young or grown, are one of the best sources of information and emotional support for other parents of children with special needs. By virtue of having “been there,”  a unique bonding occurs between parents, establishing an almost immediate rapport and sharing of common feelings and experiences.

To help those looking to connect with a group of parents who are on the same journey, Sally Stigall, Parent Peer Support at Richland Newhope and the Parent Mentor Team from Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, Cindy Wrobleski and Lindsey Schonauer-Howard, are collaborating to host Parent to Parent on October 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at MOESC. This is an informal gathering where parents can talk with parents who have been on the journey for years and years, sharing information, resources, and strategies in an atmosphere of acceptance. Social distancing guidelines will be observed. More…

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