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Mansfield On The Space Corridor

23 Sep , 2019  

A “space corridor,” as the Columbus Dispatch recently referred to a planned route between Mansfield and Sandusky, will spring into reality later this year.

Highway Patrol troopers, flaggers, and a small flotilla of other vehicles will make their way along the roads of northern Ohio accompanying some very precious cargo.

In a Sunday story entitled, “How 22 foot space capsule Orion will go from Florida to northern Ohio,” the Dispatch suggested that the 43 mile trip from Mansfield Lahm, where the space capsule will arrive, to Sandusky will potentially clog traffic as the 22 foot by 20 foot Orion moves along at 25 miles per hour. More…

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Help The Space Cows Make It To Florida

10 Apr , 2019  

When’s the last time you were able to make a difference in the life of a Space Cow?

This weekend’s your chance, as you can help the Mansfield Seventh Day Adventist School’s first place, award-winning robotics team, The Space Cows, get to a national competition in Orlando, Florida. More…