We’re Adding Social Media Highlights

10 Nov , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

From its launch, 1812Blockhouse has been about two things — first, sharing our own original writing and coverage of local news; and second, connecting our readers with stories from other local media.

That’s why WMFD, Richland Source, the Mansfield News Journal, and the Shelby Daily Globe links appear almost every single day on 1812Blockhouse, as well as links to Richland County-related stories from other online publications.

We’ve also run Richland Tweets since the beginning, a regularly updated collection of tweets from almost 100 area non-profit organizations, local governments, schools, and more. More…

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Schools, Shelby

Shelby Schools Boosts Social Media Presence

24 Feb , 2020  

It’s even more cool to be a Whippet these days.

In the past few weeks, Shelby City Schools has been updating and expanding its social media footprint. This includes both general posts from the school district as well as those from its athletic department.

The change is part of a coordinated effort by Shelby Schools to maximize communication with parents and the community. The following description of the changes appear on the district website: More…

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All About Richland, All Things Business

Richland Clergy Issue Joint Statement On Chick-fil-A

12 Aug , 2019  

In a statement signed by 101 clergy members in Richland County, a large portion of the leaders of the county’s faith communities have expressed their support for the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A to locate here.

In its statement, the Richland Community Prayer Network members stated together as follows: More…

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Facebook Makes Changes: We’re Staying The Same

13 Jan , 2018  

Updated: See below

Ancient philosopher Heraclitis once observed, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

We live in an era where change takes place more quickly than ever. Take Facebook’s recent announcement that it plans to tweak (yet again) its “news feed” algorithm, changes which the New York Times described as designed to “favor posts by friends over material from news organizations and other businesses.” This quote is from a story entitled, “The End of the Social News Era? Journalists Brace for Facebook’s Big Change.More…