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Milkweed To The Rescue

3 Oct , 2019  

Since 2015, Ohioans have been called on to collect and donate milkweed pods so that the seeds can be harvested and then distributed for planting.

The importance of this plant cannot be overstated. Milkweed is the only host plant for the Monarch butterfly to lay eggs and rear caterpillars. Additionally, it serves as a food source for Monarchs and several other pollinator species. More…

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All About Richland

Richland Soil & Water Annual Celebration

14 Oct , 2017  

It’s an opportunity to visit with friends while enjoying a variety of music including jazz, blues, and 60s to 80s pop performed by Steve Brown.

It’s also an opportunity to enjoy a dinner while listening to guest speaker Jim McCormac – author, naturalist, and photographer, who has worked in the field of conservation for over 30 years. In his program Wild Ohio: The Best of Our Natural Heritage, which is based on his book of the same name, he will take you on a pictorial adventure through Ohio’s rarest habitats. More…