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New Public Art Commission To Host Public Q&A

18 Apr , 2022  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

The Mansfield Public Art Commission will host a ‘Public Art Q&A’ at the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce on Monday, April 25th, at 3:30 PM.  Local artists and businesses are encouraged to attend this in-person event, or may also attend online, to learn more about the Public Arts Commission, the public art permit process, and some upcoming opportunities and ways to get involved with public art.  

Zoom attendance information is below.

The Commission was formed in 2021 and comprises 9 members, including local artists and community members involved in Mansfield / Richland County.  Since the commission was formed late last year, 33 artists both in and outside of Richland County have been vetted for public art, and those portfolios are available to view online. Printed copies of Artist Portfolios will be made available.  These artists were surveyed with the question ‘What kind of public art do you envision for Mansfield?’ and from those contributed responses, the PAC developed a set of 8 ‘Guiding Principles for Public Art’.  The commission has also outlined ‘Considerations for Design Review.’


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Public Art Will Be Front And Center For Mansfield City Council

15 May , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

At its upcoming meeting on May 18, Mansfield City Council will be considered two pieces of legislation dealing with public art.

The first, which is set for “caucus only,” would establishing a new Chapter 177 (Public Arts Commission) of the City of Mansfield Codified Ordinance, and authorize the creation of such a Commission.

According to ordinance, the new body will “administer, promote, facilitate, and oversee the creation of public arts projects that will promote the cultural heritage and artistic development of the City, enhance the City’s character and identity, contribute to economic development and tourism, and warm, dignity, beauty, and accessibility to public spaces, and expand the experience and participation of citizens with visual arts.” More…

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Mansfield Art Sector Leads Three New Projects

13 Apr , 2021  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

The Mansfield Art Sector of the Richland Community Development Group is working on two public art projects and pursuing a new logo. The Mansfield Art Sector is leading a public art project as part of the Mansfield Rising Plan which was created in 2018 by a citizen-led group funded by the Richland County Foundation.

Area artists are encouraged to participate in this transformative and revitalizing effort to beautify downtown Mansfield through art. Artists can submit up to 10 pieces of a visual arts portfolio. New portfolios and projects will be reviewed by a committee at the beginning of each month.

The Artist Application for the Mansfield Rising Plan: Public Art Initiative can be found here. More…

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Ideas From Elsewhere: An Initiative To Improve Street Safety Through Public Art

15 Mar , 2021  

This story is part of the SoJo Exchange from the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rigorous reporting about responses to social problems. The original post can be read here

Publisher’s Note – Richland County is an area that clearly celebrates public art. Here is an idea of how art can be used in some new and creative ways. Be sure to click on the original post link above to see the art installation being discussed below.

By Kate Elizabeth Queram, Route Fifty

In the Westport neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, where Wyandotte Street meets Westport Road, something seemed to be missing. More…


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Public Art Initiative Launched In Downtown Mansfield

15 Sep , 2020  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

The Richland Community Development Group Art Sector has announced that it is leading a public art initiative in downtown Mansfield.

The project will be funded by various businesses and organizations with a 50% matching grant from the Richland County Foundation as part of its Mansfield Rising Project. More…

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