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Mansfield Rising Plan: Revitalizing North Central Ohio’s Downtowns

1 Apr , 2019  

This post is part of a series concerning the Mansfield Rising revitalization plan recently unveiled by the Richland County Foundation. Our previous posts can be read here, and the entire plan can be accessed here.

As Mansfield begins a comprehensive effort to bring renewed economic and social vitality to its center, we have already looked revitalization in another mid-sized Ohio downtown, and also at the remarkable successful of a retail center which is only two decades old.

Today we’ll stick a bit closer to home. We’re looking at Richland and surrounding counties to identity what communities have taken or are now taking steps to generate economic activity in their respective downtowns. More…

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Mansfield Rising Plan: Considering Easton Part Two

26 Mar , 2019  

If you missed Part One of our two-part series on Mansfield and Easton, it can be found here.

So let’s answer that question. Can Easton’s obvious success provide important lessons for downtown Mansfield revitalization?

Before we delve into that, we’re going to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Obviously, Easton and downtown Mansfield are competitors, as both draw — or could draw — specialty retail shoppers from this part of Ohio. More…

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Mansfield Rising Plan: Considering Easton Part One

25 Mar , 2019  

Here’s an intriguing question – could a development which is barely 20 years old provide relevant lessons which could be used in another location which has been around for over 200 years?

Over the next two days, we’ll share some ideas on that topic. More…

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Mansfield Rising Plan: Other Cities Have Seen Success

18 Mar , 2019  

Since March 1, “action items” from the Mansfield Rising downtown revitalization plan have been profiled daily on Richland Source.

Our first post on the plan can be read here.

As of Sunday, some 17 items have been shared, ranging from free downtown wi-fi, volunteer coordination, and branding to re-developing the large vacant municipal parking lot along East Fourth Street between North Main and North Diamond. More…

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Downtown Rising

1 Mar , 2019  

On Thursday, the Richland County Foundation unveiled the final document which profiles the “Mansfield Rising” revitalization strategy.

The focus of that plan is easy to articulate — an intense focus on and effort to revitalize a multi-block area in the middle of Mansfield that has, in its day, served as the city’s retail, social, and political center. More…

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