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Secret City Surprises

7 May , 2017  

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of visitors to downtown Mansfield could be seen walking up and down Fourth Street, North Main, and Park Avenue West; clutching red, white, and blue tickets; and looking for clusters of balloons. As in years past, the Secret City Tour provided opportunities for these visitors to experience history in a very tangible way. Eight tour stops were featured. Read More

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RichHistory Weekend: South Park And The Blockhouse

4 May , 2017  

Our final look at this weekend’s RichHistory Weekend brings us to very familiar place – the Blockhouse in South Park. REACH (Richland Early American Center for History) will be setting up in and around the landmark from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Tom Pappas and Jack Johnson will be demonstrating musket firing and 18th century accoutrements. Read More

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RichHistory Weekend: The Ohio Civil War Show

3 May , 2017  

The timing is terrific – at the same time that some 15 historic venues in Richland County will be open to the public during RichHistory Weekend, the 49th Annual Civil War Show and 25th Annual Artillery Show will be taking place at the Richland County Fairgrounds. Spread out over seven buildings with an amazing 750 tables of military items and memorabilia to buy, sell, or trade, the show will also include a number of items from the periods of World Wars I and II. Read More

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RichHistory Weekend: Secret City Tour

2 May , 2017  

It’s become a favorite among aficionados of local history and interesting architecture. On Saturday, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. will hold its Secret City Tour. Beginning at 1:00 PM, the event offers a peek into some of Mansfield’s most exquisite historic buildings and architectural gems. This year, the tour is being held in conjunction with RichHistory Weekend and the RichHistory Alliance. Read More

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1812 Gears Up For RichHistory Weekend

30 Apr , 2017  

Over the past week, we have been previewing this weekend’s Mohican Wildlife Weekend. Today, attention turns from all things nature-related to Richland County’s past, as next Saturday and Sunday bring RichHistory Weekend. We will be sharing the schedule of events and a look at individual attractions this week. Today, we launch our RichHistory Weekend coverage by sharing a list of 1812Blockhouse posts over our own nine month history that featured people or places from days gone by. Read More

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Nature And History: Outstanding Weekends Ahead

23 Apr , 2017  

Your friends in Columbus and Cleveland may well brag about all there is to do and see in the big city. Without a doubt, urban areas do have unique attractions worth visiting. Neither of these places, however, can claim the variety of natural and historic venues that north central Ohio can. Those attractions, all easy to get to along non-congested roadways, are on view over the next two weekends – and 1812Blockhouse will be taking that ride along with you. Read More

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Downtown Mansfield, Inc. Provides New Connection To Local History

13 Apr , 2017  

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Mansfielders and visitors to the city now have the opportunity to gain a more complete understanding of that relationship. In an announcement earlier this week, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) announced the launch of an innovative tool for learning about local history. Read More

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All Things Business

A Root Beer Future: Stewart’s Announces Intent For IPO

11 Apr , 2017  

Stewart’s All American Corp. announced on Monday that the company has signed a letter of intent for an initial public offering of its common stock with a FINRA member investment banking firm. Stewart’s intends to file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission later in the second quarter of 2017. Read More

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Oak Hill Open For Tours

7 Apr , 2017  

Perhaps you have an interest in local history, or you might be a fan of writer Louis Bromfield and enjoy visiting sites associated with his books. Or its possible that you are an architecture enthusiast who appreciates unique experiences to visit outstanding examples of particular building styles. If any of these are the case, come to Oak Hill Cottage this Sunday and you’ll be in luck! Read More

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Looking Back: Landmarks Of Mansfield: 331 Prescott Street

4 Apr , 2017  

Over the next few days, we are looking back at posts made since September in celebration of our six-month anniversary. This was published on March 12 as a part of one of our Landmarks of Mansfield, and has been read more than any other in that series. It’s a property that was nearly lost to history several years ago, and one which still seeks a more certain future. The brick house at 331 Prescott Street, which sits on a rise of land not far from Oak Hill Cottage, has ties to Mansfield’s industrial past. Read More

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18th Century Holiday Happens Despite Cold

16 Dec , 2016  

Despite chilly weather outside, the temperatures were hospitable inside as the Richland Early American Center for History hosted an 18th Century Holiday event at The Blockhouse in South Park. Read More

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Social Media Spotlight: Take A Trip Down Old Mansfield Streets

15 Dec , 2016  

From time to time, 1812Blockhouse will highlight social media sites with an emphasis on the north central Ohio area. From the number of these online locations, it is clear that there is great affection for Mansfield and Richland County from current and past residents. Read More

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The Day John Glenn Came To Mansfield

9 Dec , 2016  

The world is mourning the death of former astronaut and United States Senator John Glenn, who passed away on Thursday. Some 48 years ago, on March 4, 1968, then Colonel John Glenn paid what may have been his first visit to Mansfield and Richland County. The occasion was the recognition of Eagle Scouts in the Johnny Appleseed Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Read More


Friday Afternoon Sun

19 Nov , 2016  

The sun was just beginning to think about setting when this image of downtown Mansfield’s Hancock & Dow Building was captured. More about this wonderful landmark later this weekend on 1812Blockhouse. Click image for a larger version.