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Bromfield Takes Center Stage In New Biography

21 Apr , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

He is well-known locally, to be sure. Nationally, and internationally, however, he is less of a household name.

That may change somewhat in the coming months.

Mansfield and Pleasant Valley’s Louis Bromfield is rushing back into the spotlight with the April 14 publication of what has been called the first major biography of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and conservationist. The 325 page work entitled “The Planter of Modern Life: Louis Bromfield and the Seeds of a Food Revolution” is a true page turner, according to reviews shared by Publishers Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, and on the website of its publisher, W.W. Norton & Company. More…

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Bromfield In Paris

17 Mar , 2020  

Publisher’s Note: Realizing that many Richland Countians are now working from home or forced to remain there due to self-quarantining or reduced travel, we are sharing stories from our archives, and adding some new ones, over the next few weeks in what we hope will be occasional diversions from coronavirus worries. This post was published by 1812Blockhouse back on July 14, 2018:

Today marks Bastille Day in France, commemorating the 229th anniversary of the storming of the famous prison in Paris. In honor of that event, and of France’s upcoming World Cup soccer final match on Sunday, we thought we would join north central Ohio and north central France for a special story today. More…

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Free Bromfield Coming Soon To An E-Reader Near You

5 Jan , 2020  

Sometimes, if you wait long enough, some of the best things in life can be yours at no cost.

With the coming of the new year, that includes a treasure trove of American literature, films, and other items that have now had their copyrights lapse due to inaction by the US Congress, and have now entered the public domain. This year, that means works produced in the year 1924.

The same year, mind you, that Mansfielder Louis Bromfield’s first book was published. More…

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A Bromfield Thanksgiving Tale

28 Nov , 2019  

For Thanksgiving 1943, Louis Bromfield wrote a drama that centered on a young couple, shaped by their American experience – and whose engagement is secretly influenced by deceased ancestors. (The story bears resemblance to Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, with those no longer living taking part in the play).

“Feast From the Harvest” was performed on the radio show Cavalcade of America, which aired different stories each week, and Bromfield was on hand to narrate his tale. More…

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Bromfield Book Club Announces Summer Reading List

28 May , 2019  

Malabar Farm State Park and the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library have announced the list of books to be read this summer at the Bromfield Book Club.

Taking place at 6 PM on the first Monday of each month at Malabar Farm, each month the Club reads one of Bromfield’s novels or books about the author. Each session includes discussions of that month’s book, guest speakers, and tours of the estate and park grounds (including snacks and light refreshments). More…


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Literary Mansfield: A Bromfield Renaissance?

21 May , 2018  

Is appreciation for author Louis Bromfield set for a renaissance?

That was a question posed this past week by Kevin Kelley, a columnist for the Gallipolis Daily Tribune. As Kelley shared in his column, “All but forgotten since his death in 1956, Bromfield’s works may not speak to succeeding generations, but as a century nears since his first novels were published, a rediscovery of his literary skills is not entirely out of order.” More…

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