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The New Ohio Literary Trail Has Local Stops

2 Aug , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse; Ohioana Library Association

Several Ohio counties have stops along the new Ohio Literary Trail.

Only a handful have more than one, Richland County among them.

The Ohioana Library Association has announced this new program that will connect readers and Ohio writers and shine the spotlight on Ohio’s unique role in shaping culture and literature worldwide.

Ohioana compiled the trail map with more than 70 sites across the Buckeye state, paying tribute to the authors, poets, illustrators, libraries, and creative influencers of the written word who have called Ohio home. Tourists planning a literary-themed outing, as well as Ohioans who want to discover literary treasures they never knew existed in their own backyard, will find it here. More…

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Louis Bromfield And Christmas

25 Dec , 2019  

NOTE: First published  during our first Christmas in 2016, this look at Louis  Bromfield and Christmas has become an annual tradition.  We’ll be running this story through Christmas Day.  A very Merry Christmas to you from 1812Blockhouse!

There is no question that Pulitzer Prize-winner and Mansfielder Louis Bromfield was a fan of the holidays.

During the period of time that Bromfield lived there, Malabar Farm was an active place during the Christmas season. More…

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Literary Mansfield: The Poetry of Salathiel Coffinberry

10 Nov , 2019  

Note from 1812Blockhouse: We are happy today to re-share a post from our “Literary Mansfield” series, the first such series we did here at 1812Blockhouse. This initial post was made back in September of 2016.


Our first subject was a resident of Mansfield for some, but not all, of his long life. The saga of Salathiel Coffinberry began in Lancaster, Ohio in 1809; he was the son of that city’s first newspaper editor. After a stint in Chilicothe, the family moved to Mansfield, where Salathiel began the practice of law and married for a second time to the equally wonderfully-named Artemisia Cook. He left Mansfield in 1843, and spent the rest of his life in Michigan. Salathiel and Artemisia had six children with names such as Hermia Salathiella, Herman Napoleon, and Estophanta. More…


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Literary Mansfield Part Five: The Political Debunker

19 Nov , 2018  

Posted during the early days of 1812Blockhouse, we are updating and re-sharing our “Literary Mansfield” series to our expanded readership.

1812Blockhouse continues our series about individuals with Mansfield connections who participated in the literary world. To date, we have looked at the 19th century poet Salathiel Coffinberry, the Putlizer Prize winning James Lapine, current novelist Christopher Moore, and statesman John Sherman and his autobiography. More…


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Literary Mansfield Part Four: The Statesman

5 Nov , 2018  

1812Blockhouse is resharing posts in our Literary Mansfield series; the following was posted back in early 2107.

Today we look at a work of non-fiction by a leading political figure of the 19th century.

Mansfield has been able to boast of several statesmen and stateswomen in its history, two of which rose to the level of United States Senator from Ohio. One of the two holders of that title, Sherrod Brown, is a graduate of Mansfield Senior; 150 years ago, another Mansfielder had that distinction. More…


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Literary Mansfield: A Bromfield Renaissance?

21 May , 2018  

Is appreciation for author Louis Bromfield set for a renaissance?

That was a question posed this past week by Kevin Kelley, a columnist for the Gallipolis Daily Tribune. As Kelley shared in his column, “All but forgotten since his death in 1956, Bromfield’s works may not speak to succeeding generations, but as a century nears since his first novels were published, a rediscovery of his literary skills is not entirely out of order.” More…

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Looking Back: Literary Mansfield Part One: The Poetry of Salathiel Coffinberry

19 Jul , 2017  

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a look at the ways in which Mansfielders, past and present, have been captured in books and other written works. We’re calling this series, “Literary Mansfield.”

Our first subject was a resident of Mansfield for some, but not all, of his long life. The saga of Salathiel Coffinberry began in Lancaster, Ohio in 1809; he was the son of that city’s first newspaper editor. More…


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Literary Mansfield Special Edition: Nuts, True Crime, And Cosmic Eggs

3 Nov , 2016  

UPDATED — Thursday at 10:00 p.m. See below.

For the keen observer, this is the seventh installment in our series “Literary Mansfield,” in which 1812Blockhouse looks at authors, poets, and other literary figures with a north central Ohio connection through birth and/or residence.

In this special edition, we are looking at another way in which certain authors manifest a Mansfield connection – in this case, by coming to town and participating in events at our independent bookstore, Main Street Books. More…

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