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Food Bank Official Urges People To Lean On Congress For More Assistance

13 Sep , 2020  

By Marty Schladen, Ohio Capital Journal

The fragile gains the poorest Ohioans made over the decade since the Great Recession have been wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic, a leading food bank official said Thursday. She added that if Congress doesn’t act soon to help that population, the situation will become much worse.

Thursday was national Hunger Action Day and Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks, said the facilities continue to see record demand.

“We’re just hearing from more people that what they thought was going to be a temporary layoff is now a permanent layoff,” she said, adding that for many Ohioans, that’s driving insecurities about food, housing and the ability to meet other basic needs.  More…

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