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They’re Hidden From View: Richland County Letterboxes

11 Apr , 2022  

By: 1812Blockhouse

Note: First published in 2017, this article has been updated for spring 2022. Letterboxing is a wonderful outdoor family activity that can be done individually or with friends while exercising social distancing.

Some 160 years ago, visitors to the Dartmoor region of southwest England began to do something rather peculiar. Those hiking on the moors would place a letter or postcard inside a designated box along the trail as a mark that they had visited. Those who would come after them would, in turn, post letters back to those who had left them. Soon, these “letterboxes” were carefully hidden so that they would be difficult to discover.As this habit grew in popularity, the hobby of letterboxing was born.


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Wait.. Was That A Trumpter Swan? No, It Was A Cackling Goose

8 Jan , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

Richland County has more than its fair share of birders, those folks who observes and identifies wild birds in their habitats. In fact, the county is often featured on sites like eBird for sightings of bald eagles and other birds.

EBird includes a page dedicated to rare birds who have made their appearance known somewhere in the Buckeye State. Called the “Ohio Rare Bird Alert,” it chronicles unconfirmed and confirmed sightings of lesser-seen Ohio birds.

Despite the fact that this post is originally published on January 8, there have already been several viewings of rare birds in Richland County in 2021. Those include: More…

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From Medieval To Modern: The Marche Of The Three Towers

23 Apr , 2018  

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary define s anachronism as “something (such as a word, an object, or an event) that is mistakenly placed in a time where it does not belong in a story, movie, etc., or a person or a thing that seems to belong to the past and not to fit in the present.”

Some twenty-first century residents of north central Ohio put that concept into practice through membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Through the Society, over 30,000 members research and recreate and skills, arts, clothing, and lives of pre-seventeenth century Europe. They do so through workshops, social events, tournaments, and even royal courts and feasts in some 20 “kingdoms.” More…


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Quilts Are Home Grown

6 Jul , 2017  

Quilters, here’s your chance to gather with like-minded folks! Malabar Intermediate School, 205 W. Cook Road, will be the site of the Mansfield Millennium Quilt Guild’s 2017 Quilt Show July 14-15. More…