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Chicken and Food Trucks Take Over Local Social Media

28 Jul , 2019  

It seems a strange subject to bubble up to the top of online conversation for Mansfielders in the middle of summer. Nonetheless, chicken and other fare served by food trucks seem to be on many people’s tongues these days.

And, in the early days of a race for public office, and with the two candidates for Mansfield Mayor issuing press releases on varying aspects of that general topic, there is a general campaign-like aspect to what has been taking place. The core issue seems to center on the role of city officials in promoting locally owned and operated businesses. More…

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All Things Business

Chick-fil-A Food Truck To Make Local Appearances This Summer

4 Jul , 2019  

On Wednesday, the office of Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker announced that a Chick-fil-A food truck would be arriving in Mansfield in the coming weeks.

On Thursdays, the truck will be operated at various locations throughout the city. Locations are being reviewed and will be announced once they are determined. More…