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ODNR Shares Spring Wildflower Bloom Report For Week Three

21 Mar , 2021  

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources released its weekly Wildflower Bloom Report on March 19.

Spring is springing! More and more bloomers are waking up in southern Ohio and even the central and northern counties are just beginning to get their first native species peaking above the thawed soil. Warm and wet weather the last week has accelerated things with quite a few new species to talk about in this week’s edition of the wildflower bloom report In last week’s post we talked about our daintiest and earliest blooming trillium, the snow trillium (Trillium nivale). It will be nearing peak in its southernmost populations over the next week or so. Reports from the field suggest this is an exceptional spring for the species and a “boom” year at sites like the Arc of Appalachia’s Chalet Nivale in Adams Co. More northerly populations of snow trillium like Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, Stillwater Prairie Preserve in Miami Co., and Oakes Quarry Park in Greene Co. to name a few will be popping soon. More…