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Richland County Community Benefitting From OSUM Microfarm Project

9 Aug , 2019  

As a forestry major, Kyle Dues found a perfect fit at Ohio State Mansfield.

“This campus is set on a 640-acre wooded lot,” he says. “What better place is there for a forestry major to go to school but a 640-acre wooded lot?”

Once on campus, Dues discovered more reasons to be engaged with the Mansfield campus. He connected with faculty member Kent “Kip” Curtis, an associate professor of environmental history, who was piloting a microfarm project on campus. Dues started interning at the microfarm and later became its interim coordinator. More…

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Community Gardening Time Arrives

6 May , 2018  

It’s time for community gardens to again take root across Richland County.

Found in many countries of the world, in American community gardens vary in shape, size, and function, but are similar in a goal of bridging the gap between people and nature is central to their creation. These gardens weaken the divide between nature and culture, city and country, and producer and consumer. More…

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Community Garden Kickoff This Tuesday

16 Apr , 2018  

The North End Community Improvement Collaboration (NECIC) will host the 2018 Community Garden Kickoff this Tuesday evening from 6 PM to 8 PM.

NECIC supports community gardens across Richland County, and particularly in the north end of Mansfield. It serves as a resource hub, offering needed materials such as seeds, plants, buckets, and grants to assist community gardening efforts. More…


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Community Gardening Grants Available

17 Mar , 2017  

Do you have an interest in launching a community garden project? Or, if you are already involved in such an effort, would you like to expand or financially support the garden you operate?

An opportunity to obtain modest financial assistance in achieving those objectives is now available through the NECIC Community Garden Grants. More…

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