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Could This Ancient Farming Technique Be A Climate Solution?

20 Jul , 2022  

By Guia Baggi, Yes! Magazine

In the spirit of Richland County author and farmer Louis Bromfield, we share with our reader this look at how a change in farming practices — in this case, the use of terraces – can have tremendous impact:

Surrounded by the waters of the Strait of Sicily in the far south of Italy, the island of Pantelleria is made up of 32 square miles of black volcanic rocks with no source of freshwater other than the 16 or so inches of rain that fall each year. Yet, traces of the first farming terrace on the island date back to the Bronze Age, 16 centuries B.C. On such terraces, Zibibbo grapevines grow in hollows to trap moisture near their roots. The olive orchards are low, too; and capers, the other major local crop, stick out from dry stone walls.


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