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Avita Ontario Hospital Opens New Inpatient Wing

11 Apr , 2022  

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Avita Health System opened its new inpatient wing at Ontario Hospital on Monday.

“We added 12 inpatient rooms on the second floor of Ontario Hospital,” said Jerome Morasko, President/CEO at Avita Health System. “These additional rooms expand our medical/surgical and intensive care units. They are all private and furnished with the most advanced medical technologies.”

The new inpatient rooms are part of Phase III of Ontario Hospital, which included an LDRP maternity unit that opened in February.


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Cardiac Rehab Now Featured At Avita Ontario Hospital

13 Jan , 2018  

Complementing its two existing facilities in Crawford County, Avita Health Services recently opened a Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at its Ontario Hospital facility. Through this program, heart patients benefit from exercise and education led by a physician and other trained professionals. Cardiac rehab is designed to help heart patients improve their overall cardiovascular health and reach their full potential to live an active lifestyle. More…

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