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Readers Share Sears House Locations

1 Sep , 2019  

Our recent story on the potential for finding houses in Mansfield which were purchased from Sears, Roebuck & Company generated a good amount of online comment and the sharing of actual house locations. That post can be read here: Hey, I Saw Your House In A Catalog: Sears Houses In Mansfield. And, as it turns out, these types of houses can be found in many corners of Richland County. Read More

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Hey, I Saw Your House In A Catalog: Sears Houses In Mansfield

11 Aug , 2019  

If you live in Mansfield, there’s a chance that you might live near a residence that was bought out of a book. A Sears catalog, to be exact. With Sears in the news this last week with the impending closure of the store at Richland Mall, we are joining those reflecting back on the long history of that retail chain in Mansfield. One unique connection between the two was in the large number of houses which were purchased from Sears and erected along city streets. Read More

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Indiana University Posts Vintage Photo Of Mansfield Landmark

23 May , 2018  

In October 2016, 1812Blockhouse focused one of the first posts in our “Landmarks of Mansfield” series on the Farmers Bank Building on Park Avenue West. Read More