Mid Week Mid Ohio Music

Mid-Week Mid-Ohio Music: Exhale Desire

11 Oct , 2018  

Mid-Week Mid-Ohio Music shares the wide range of musical talents that have made or now make their home in this part of the state.

This week, MMM is coming to you a day late. There’s an excellent reason for that which has to do with what happens when laptop components and a bottle of Diet Coke come together unexpectedly. 1812Blockhouse has a modest budget compared to the “big three” of Mansfield-area media – MNJ, RS, and WMFD – and so it takes us a bit longer to bounce back from a mini-disaster.

Hopefully, the wait will be worth it, as today we are sharing the talents of someone who can clearly perform. Mansfield audiences have enjoyed the talent of local artist Andrew Coffy aka Exhale Desire, as he has performed at several local venues including the Mansfield Music Festival and After Hours at Idea Works.

He has been involved in music performance since the age of 12, and his new album “Million Lights” was released earlier this year.

Here are excerpts from that album, which can be purchased at this location online. Click on any song title for a clip from that selection. [spotifyplaybutton play=”https://open.spotify.com/album/6rViEsLShxA3J9P9CsrgIN#_=_”/]

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