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13 Jun , 2018  

437 Park Ave W, Mansfield, OH — I received a desperate plea from an amazing follower named Julie about saving the Silas Marion Douglass House, which is at risk of demolition. It's up for auction with a minimum bid of $1. Here is what she has​ to say about it: "Coming up for auction on Friday, June 22 from the Richland County Land Bank is a gorgeous statement home on Park Ave. West. Two times previously the home has come up for auction, starting at $1 and has not been sold, putting it at risk for demolition. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983 for it’s exemplary display of Queen Anne architecture and built circa 1875-1899, federal tax credits are available to those investors considering purchasing to be used as an income generating property. Located within a targeted redevelopment area, the members of the RCLB as well as Downtown Mansfield Inc. would love to see this house (and the other historically designated properties available the same day) to be purchased and rehabilitated, and are working diligently towards that goal. The house itself is a real beauty, and once you see past the neglect it is easy to envision her in all her original glory. As was once written about Judge S.M. Douglass, “Personally, he is dignified, courteous, and a thorough gentleman. He has a beautiful home and an interesting family”. It seems important the house is mentioned, as though the home and the man were so entwined it warranted mention beside him. With some work and love it could be beautiful again." If you go to you'll find more info. Tapping the red "registration form" gives even more info. Questions can be asked directly by contacting [email protected] — link in profile

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