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Summer Road Trips: Learn About Pickpocketing, Bodysnatching, And Dress Smuggling

12 Jul , 2018  

This year we’re continuing our weekly look at unique festivals, events, and attractions that are within an easy driving distance of the Mansfield area. We call these “Summer Road Trips.” Of course, we regularly feature the many extraordinary places to visit right here in Richland County and encourage our readers to get out and experience what is on offer in our own backyard.

There’s one place in Ohio where history comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

The Ohio History Center in Columbus routinely welcomes visitors to embrace the past in all of its varieties. During summer weekends, that means combining ongoing exhibits with opportunities to immerse oneself in all sorts of history-related experiences.

Consider this Saturday, for instance, when guests are invited to experience the past of “Crime & Corruption” in Ohio. This will include the following taking place in Ohio Village:

  • The opportunity to learn about pickpocketing in “Pickpocket’s Life,” being presented at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. Discover the tricks of the trade in this well-known Victorian crime.
  • Circuit Court Sessions – Watch as Ohioans from the past stand trail for their crimes; 11:30AM for misdemeanors and 2:00PM for felonies.
  • Experience “Crimes of Fashion,” where you can learn about the little-known Victorian crime of dress smuggling and see how much you can pack into a trunk – at 12:30PM, 2:30 PM, and 4 PM.
  • Attend a Temperance Union Meeting at 1:30 PM or 3:30 PM, and learn how to maintain a life of sobriety and avoid criminal temptation.

Throughout the day, the following will also be offered:

  • Physiognomy and Victorian Mugshots – Learn about the latest in crime-fighting techniques – the mugshot
  • Bodysnatching and Resurrectionists – Gain insight into how to protect a grave.
  • CSI: Ohio Village – Solve an old-fashioned crime.

The Ohio History Center will offer talks on “Stories from the Ohio Penitentiary;” “True Crime” with Accused’s Amber Hunt; a look at the Sam Sheppard Case, and “House Calls: When the Doctor Came to You,” a look at Victorian family doctoring.

For more information about these and other activities going on this weekend at the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village, click here.

Source: Ohio History Connection


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