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Showing Visitors Around Town This Holiday Season?

13 Dec , 2019  

Mansfielders, do you have out-of-town visitors coming this December who are going to expect a tour of our downtown or other areas of the city? If you really want to impress friends and family this holiday season, check out the interactive history map hosted by Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) to learn all about the landmarks in the downtown area, as well as a few non-downtown but still significant locations.

The map features almost 80 different pins, providing background information and history to the corresponding local landmark.

This online treasure trove will help you explain, for example, that the building where Buckeye Bakery is located is properly called the Hancock and Dow Building, dates to 1887, and gets its name from a stone mason contracting business. Or that the Weldon, Huston & Keyser law firm building on the corner of Mulberry and Fourth Streets previously housed the post office and was constructed between 1912–1914 for that purpose.

Even if you don’t need to wow anyone with your local history knowledge, it’s still fun to take some time to visit the website for yourself – and then get out there to see the places in person. History is all around us, and DMI’s interactive map can help you find it.

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