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A Different Kind Of Visitor

27 Nov , 2016  

Usually, stories of visitors to Mansfield and Richland County center on local attractions, shopping, and the like. The Mansfield/Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau is an award-winning marketing effort that connects those who come to north central Ohio with our strong tourism assets.

That shared, there are other types of visitors who come and spend time and money here. One of those are seekers after family history information. These individuals want to make a different type of connection – one between their ancestors and the places that they called home.

One such visit took place recently when a lady named Janice Harshbarger came to town from Indiana. The author of a series of blog posts collected under the name “Happy Genealogy Dance,” Harshbarger visited both Mansfield and Bellville, as well as sites in Morrow County. In two posts, she shared her experiences.

Here are links to her two entertaining posts, which are full not only of facts but, in the second installment, of her meeting with Richland Countians.

Oh, what a happy dance! Field trip to Ohio
Our trip to Ohio, still dancing, part 2


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