Richland School COVID Cases Continue To Decrease

16 Jan , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

Thursday’s numbers shared by the State of Ohio relating to COVID-19 cases in Ohio schools had some good news for Richland County.

The county’s total number of reported cases dropped from a total of 49 a week ago to 39 on January 14.

These 39 new infections represent 15 students and 24 staff members.

As we have reported these numbers since they became available, it has been important to observe how COVID, like other infectious viruses, have localized breakouts. One district is typically far ahead of others in terms of cases — and it is not always the largest number of students that prompts that difference.

This week, for instance, it was the Plymouth-Shiloh District that reported the most students and staff impacted.

Individual school districts or schools that made up this number were as follows:

Clear Fork — 1 student, 4 staff
Cypress High School — 1 staff
Lexington — 1 staff
Madison — 1 staff
Mansfield City — 4 students, 5 staff
Ontario — 1 student, 2 staff
Pioneer — 2 students
Plynouth-Shiloh — 6 students, 9 staff
St. Peter Junior/High Schools — 1 student, 1 staff

According to the Department of Health, “A report of COVID-19 should not be interpreted as an indicator that a school district or school isn’t following proper procedures—school cases can be a reflection of the overall situation in the broader community. Families and staff should always feel free to ask questions of the school district or school.”

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

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