Retirees From Mansfield Schools Honored; Represent Over 900 Years Of Experience

3 Jun , 2019  

Thirty-seven retiring employees of Mansfield City Schools were thanked last week for the positive and lasting impact they made in the lives of thousands of students.

“I look around this room and see many years of service. I see the faces of many with whom I have worked for a long time,” Superintendent Brian Garverick said during a retirement reception in the Mansfield Senior High library. “Thank you for all you have done for Mansfield City Schools.”

Malabar Intermediate School math teacher Brad Strong, among those on hand to congratulate the retirees, said their combined service to the district total 838.5 years while their total years in education exceed 900.

Board of education member Sheryl Weber, who retired as a Senior High teacher a few years ago, added her thanks to the retirees and urged them to take full advantage of the years ahead. “Retirement is everything it should be. You can do what you want, when you want,” she said. “I’m not sitting home watching movies all day. I have found opportunities to volunteer. Whatever you do, enjoy it.”

Board president Renda Cline told the retirees they had an immeasurable impact on students, whether their role was teacher, bus driver, food service or custodian. “It doesn’t matter what you did. You were the reason many kids got up and went to school,” she said. “You were an encouragement to many children who lead two lives, one at home that we don’t really know. Best wishes to all of you.”

Retirees who leave with 30 or more years of service to Mansfield City Schools received trophies. All received photo albums.

Punch, cookies and a huge retirement cake were served by human resources department executive assistant Teresa James and LaSonnia Howard. HR executive assistant Cynthia Gilbert read the names of all retirees and their years of service.

Senior High performing arts students Clover France, Mckaeli Maddox and Maggie Allred sang, accompanied by instructor Dirk Eachus.

Human resources director Mark Wilcheck, who earlier passed our door prizes provided by Skyline Chili and Buffalo Wild Wings, sent the retirees on their way with best wishes. “We wish you health, wellness and good times,” Wilcheck said. “May you go on to new adventures and travel. May your days be filled with no commitments.”

This year’s retirees are listed below, followed by their years of service in Mansfield City Schools. The second number for some represents their total yeas in education.

Barbara Ankrim, 20, 25

Karen Bicker 19, 21

Joan Blizzard, 19, 22

Elida Clow, 29

Colleen Coy, 23, 25

Joyce Dailey, 28

John Evans, 33

Terry Faith, 17

Sharon Fesmier, 21

Heather Gilbert, 29

Doreen Givens, 33

Kathi Gorbett, 6, 36

Virginia Groff, 23, 33

Janice Horner, 47

Sarah Hriesik, 21

Pamela Hunt, 21, 30

Jennifer Jarvis, 37

Nancy Jones, 26

Pamela Jones, 13, 23

Kevin Markle, 31.5

Linda Neal, 8, 10

Dona Paulo, 33, 36

Rhonda Radcliffe, 33, 35

Barbara Ray, 23

Della Sampsel, 29, 30

Kathy Shaw, 26

Ann Strickler, 25

Jonny Sullivan-Price, 15

Brenda Switzer, 14

Chryle Thompson, 31

Ted Vail, 16

Mark Ward, 31

Janet Watch, 5

Wendy Wilging, 19, 23

Catherine Williams, 23, 24

Louise Yochheim, 35

Connie Zhu, 12, 23

Photo: Among retiring Mansfield City Schools employees honored for more than 30 years of service were Mark Ward, Doreen Givens, Rhonda Radcliffe, Louise Yochheim and Jennifer Jarvis.

Source, Photo: Mansfield City Schools


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