2 Mar , 2019  

The Ohio State University at Mansfield will receive more than $80,000 in grant funding from the Ohio State Sustainability Fund (OSSF) to purchase and install LED outdoor lighting fixtures across the Mansfield campus. Nearly 150 new fixtures will be installed along all campus roadways and in the parking lots. The funding was approved by the Office of Energy and Environment.

“This money will help our campus improve its environmental sustainability by reducing energy use, reducing ongoing maintenance and repair costs, and increasing outdoor lighting reliability,” said Mansfield Campus Building Maintenance Superintendent Larry Stimpert.

This project fits within a number of other ongoing sustainability initiatives on the Mansfield campus, particularly in the campus outdoor spaces – including the Reaching Urban Students with Sustainability (RUSS) Garden/Micro-Farm effort that was previously funded with an OSSF grant.

“This is great news for the Mansfield campus,” said Dean/Director Norman Jones. “We want to be good stewards of our heavily-wooded campus while being fiscally responsible. We are growing environmental and ecological-based education, research and programming on our campus, so this just makes good sense. I think this is a win all the way around.”

Source: The Ohio State University at Mansfield


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