OSUM Announces 2020 Homecoming Court

6 Oct , 2020  

The Ohio State University at Mansfield is pleased to announce members of the 2020 Homecoming Court. The students were chosen by a panel of faculty and staff for characteristics such as campus and community involvement, volunteer work, academic performance and Buckeye spirit. Ohio State at Mansfield students will select the 2020 Royalty by voting October 5-7.

Jeffrey Hutchison, a criminology and criminal justice major, is from Wadsworth. A second-year student at Ohio State Mansfield, Jeffrey has been a leader on the Campus Activities Board and a facilitator for Camp Hetuck, helping new students become active and comfortable on campus.

“One of the biggest challenges while at any college is holding yourself accountable,” Jeffrey said. “As a freshman it can be hard to adjust, I know I certainly encountered this. One way to help is by learning about your habits, how to schedule your time and getting support from others.”

Jeffrey said being a part of the Homecoming Court as an amazing experience that should not be passed up because it is an opportunity to engage other students in what’s going on. In addition to his leadership activities, Jeffrey enjoys getting involved around campus in other ways.

“While I’m very active in several campus organizations, I’ve also participated in some theatre productions,” Jeffrey shared. “I really enjoy trying new things, helping students while working in the Student Union and planning activities for everyone to enjoy.”

A third-year business major from Mansfield, JC Mangan believes his positive attitude, involvement in intramural sports and position at the Campus Recreation Center has helped him meet new people, make new friends and build connections.

Born and raised in the area, JC hopes to show others that you can have a full Buckeye Experience, no matter the campus you attend.

“It is sentimental to be able to represent Mansfield, my home city, on the Homecoming Court,” JC said. “I spend a lot of time on campus and it really feels like a second home to me. This is a great chance to represent my college and to make the city of Mansfield and my campus very proud.”

Since coming to Ohio State, JC has felt that he started a new chapter in his studies. He feels more devoted to getting good grades, being prepared and being able to succeed, whether in class or in life.

“One of my goals is to pay for 100% of my education at Ohio State while remaining debt free,” JC noted. “To do this, I’m working hard holding two jobs, managing my time and utilizing resources available to me to maximize my financial opportunities such as scholarships.”

In her third year, early childhood education major Emily Rich believes being selected for the Ohio State Mansfield Homecoming Court is a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent the best university in the world. She is honored to attend a world-renowned university, says there is nothing like Buckeye Nation and is proud to be a part of it.

“Ohio State has taught me to find what I’m passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly,” Emily said. “After three semesters of majoring in Spanish Education, I decided to change my major to Early Childhood Education. This is something I thought I would never do. The idea of changing my major made me nervous but I realized that I needed to pursue what I loved, and that was working with young children. My academic advisor was very supportive of my decision and encouraged me to do what makes me happy.”

Very involved on and off campus, Emily works at the Campus Recreation Center, is a member of both the REC Committee and Campus Activities Board, played volleyball for the Mansfield Mavericks program, and annually participates in a mission trip to Mexico to help with community outreach and work with children in need.

Since Sydney Shasky started high school, she knew she wanted to be a Buckeye. Now a third-year student studying psychology, Sydney knows a large part of her Ohio State experience is about being involved in as much as possible while in college.

“I feel the leadership skills I’ve learned while being so involved on campus will help me greatly when I graduate and start my career,” Sydney said. “I’ve learned how to put myself out there and stand out.”

Sydney has participated in, and taken leadership roles with, Camp Hetuck and the Campus Activities Board. As a leader and role model to fellow Buckeyes, she is always willing to work hard and help anyone in need, whether it be with schoolwork, problems at home or if they just want someone to talk to.

Sydney shared, “At first as a freshman, I was very shy. Now I have made so many connections and friends who are basically my Buckeye family because we spend so much time together. I would not trade it for the world!”

Rosie Stone, majoring in business management, is in her fourth year at Ohio State Mansfield and will be graduating next spring. She says the campus feels like a second home and despite the hours spent in class and working on campus, she finds herself staying on campus during her free time because of the atmosphere.

“My challenge is that I want to be involved in so many things and interact with so many different people,” Rosie shared. “It has made me become more aware of how we are all so different and made me have a greater appreciation of everyone. I’m so grateful for everything we have here, I wish I had more time in my day!”

By being involved in programs such as Conard Learning Center tutoring, Buckeye Ambassador, REC Committee, Junior Admissions Counselor and working as a student athletic assistant, Rosie says she’s learned a lot about campus and wants to share that knowledge and experiences with other students.

“As a Buckeye Ambassador, I learned that first impressions are everything and you want to make the student experience as enjoyable as possible,” Rosie said. “I try to establish deeper connections. College can be intimidating but if prospective students feel they can relate to a current student they will feel our campus is a great fit for them.”

A virtual coronation ceremony will be held on October 18.

Source, Photos: The Ohio State University at Mansfield; Feature Photo: Creative Commons License


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