North Central Boosts Scholarship Program

5 Oct , 2020  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

For the first time since the Tuition Freedom Scholarship (TFS) Program began, North Central State College will welcome new incoming scholars for the Spring 2021 Semester that begins on January 11, 2021. Traditionally, TFS scholars were required to begin their studies in the fall.

The TFS program has provided $2.4 million in scholarships to graduating high school seniors since fall 2016. The scholarship covers general tuition up to an associate’s degree for students directly enrolling with College Credit Plus (CCP) or articulated credits. Of the 588 TFS scholars, 191 have already earned a degree or certificate. Further, 109 have transferred to a four-year institution. Thanks to scholarships such as TFS, only 21 percent of post high school students at NC State last year took out a loan.

NC State President Dorey Diab believes the additional opportunity is needed right now: “Everyone knows these are challenging times, and many students are struggling to make decisions on how and when to pursue their college education. We’re reaching back to those students who were eligible for Tuition Freedom in fall. We’re hoping they will join us this spring and continue toward their goal of a college education. NC State provides tremendous value for students, and this expansion of TFS is another example of those opportunities.”

Diab said the additional boost is intended to help 2020 graduates whose fall post-secondary plans were disrupted by the pandemic. According to a NC State survey completed by 32 regional guidance counselors, 34 percent felt COVID moderately derailed college transition for the 2020 class, and 6 percent said it greatly derailed plans.

NC State will offer about 40 additional scholarships to eligible students that did not attend college this fall. Students must complete all application and financial aid materials by Dec. 1.

In addition to TFS, new spring scholarship awards are available for students of all ages:

⦁ Choose Ohio First scholarships are provided for students pursuing studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Health Sciences.

⦁ Short-term Certificate Scholarships are available from the State of Ohio for anyone who is unemployed as a result of the COVID pandemic, or otherwise lower income.

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