Mansfield City And Madison Local Match Area In School Report Cards

15 Sep , 2016  

Across north central Ohio, there were very few bright spots as the State of Ohio Department of Education released school district report cards this morning.

Both Mansfield City and Madison Local Schools earned an overall “F” for indicators met, however this was a common occurrence not only in Richland but in the north central Ohio area. The Mansfield News Journal reported this morning that 14 districts in Richland, Ashland, and Crawford Counties received “Fs”.

The two schools fared as follows in the six major performance measurements:

1. Achievement – how well students scored on state tests;
2. Progress – how well students scored based on their past performances;
3. Gap Closing – a district’s ability to eliminate score gaps between, for example, different economic or ethnic groups;
4. Graduation Rate
5. K-3 Literacy
6. Prepared for Success – examines students’ readiness for college or a career.

Mansfield City: 1-D, 2-F, 3-F, 4-F, 5-F, 6-F
Madison Local: 1-D, 2-B, 3-F, 4-A, 5-C, 6-D

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