Mansfield Schools Shares Quality Profile

23 May , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

A question for our Mansfield readers:

How well do you know your city school district?

Speaking of school , here’s a quick test to help you answer that question. Answer the following five multiple choice questions without reading the remainder of this post.

How many students are enrolled in Mansfield City Schools? Is it 2,250, 3,370, or 4,917?

What is Mansfield City Schools’ four year graduation rate? That would be students in the class of 2019 who graduated within four years. These are the students who entered ninth grade in the fall of 2015 and graduated by the summer of 2019. Is it 65.7%, 78.8%, or 82.1%?

Which of the following is NOT an AP course offered by Mansfield Senior High School? AP Biology, AP US History, AP American Government, AP Literature and Composition 11, or AP Literature and Composition 12?

What is the name of the service provided for Mansfield City School students in lieu of suspension, expulsion, or for students in need of individualized or small group tutoring? Is it Hedges Success Program, Advance Tygers, or Brinkerhoff Resource Center?

For how many students does Mansfield Schools provide instruction so that they can learn English through a full-time ELL tutor? 5, 15, or 18?

The answers to these questions can be found below, and they can also be ascertained from reading the newly-released 2021 Mansfield City Schools Quality Profile. As described by District: “Created annually, this document provides a snapshot of the happenings of the district in our journey to serve every student, every day.”

The document is a remarkable look at many aspects of the District in a easy to digest, easy to read format. It has been sent out to the community, and we are pleased to share it below. It can also be accessed at this link.



Answers: 3,370, 82.1%, AP Biology, Hedges Success Program, 18

Source: Mansfield City Schools; Photo: 1812Blockhouse

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