Mansfield Schools Former Athletic Director Owes Money For Missing Ticket Revenue

28 Dec , 2018  

An individual employed as an athletic director owes $700 to the Mansfield City School District for missing ticket revenue, state auditors reported on Thursday.

A financial audit of the Richland County school district for fiscal year 2018 names Jennifer Lepard responsible for numerous discrepancies between the district’s athletic event ticket proceeds and the amounts deposited into the district’s bank account.

Auditors noted instances where bank deposits included more money than the district collected for ticket sales and other times when deposits contained less than what was collected. Lepard was in charge of overseeing ticket sales for the district’s athletic events.

The audit issues a finding for recovery against Lepard, ordering her to repay $700 to the district. She was placed on paid administrative leave in May for unrelated reasons.

A special report published by Auditor Yost in November 2017 highlights the dangers local governments and school districts face when collection processes go unchecked. According to the report, more than $3.4 million in payments received by local governments and school districts in the past decade never made it into their bank accounts.

A full copy of the district’s audit report is available online.

Source: Ohio Auditor’s Office


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