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Local Schools COVID-19 Cases Rise Again; Demographic Details Shared

13 Feb , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

As the dates near for Richland County teachers to begin receiving vaccinations for COVID-19, the number of reported staff and student cases has been increasing again.

Two weeks ago, the weekly Thursday report showed a total of 60 new reported infections in county schools and districts. Last week, we shared the news that that number had dropped to 24 — 17 students and 7 staff members.

This Thursday, the number of reported cases rose to 70. The following schools/districts shared new infections:

Clear Fork – 3 students
Lexington – 20 students, 5 staff
Madison – 2 students, 2 staff
Mansfield Christian – 1 staff
Ontario – 4 students
Pioneer – 4 students
Plymouth-Shiloh – 10 students, 11 staff
Shelby – 7 students
St. Mary – 1 staff

The total includes 50 students and 20 staff.

On Friday, Richland Public Health shared a weekly COVID-19 update that showed Richland County inching closer to the 10,000 case mark. To date, there have been 9,831 confirmed cases, or which 535 are currently active.

Two additional brief charts were shared in conjunction with that update. These charts, which can be viewed below, share an age and race breakdown of the 165 Richland Countians who have died from COVID-19, as well as the age groups of those who have been infected.

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