Documentary And Rare Book Display To Honor Women’s History Month

17 Mar , 2017  

OSU-Mansfield will be honoring Women’s History Month next week with a documentary and rare book display.

On March 21, the documentary “14 Women” will be shown in Founders Auditorium. According to Wikipedia, “Capitalizing on family relationships with two of the documentary subjects, the filmmakers (Mary Lambert, Nicole Boxer, Sharon Oreck) behind “14 Women” offer an exclusive look into the world of the 14 female senators elected to the 109th U.S. Congress. Conducting interviews with the congresswomen, the film offers insight into the obstacles of gender and the different roles these women have to play, from politician to mother to wife. Annette Benning narrates.”

The movie, which is approximately one hour in length, will begin at 12:30 PM. At Noon, and continuing until 2:00 PM, there will be a collection of rare books, manuscripts, and ephemera from the OSU Rare Book Room and Manuscript Library in the Founders lobby.



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